Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beer + More Beer = Large Shoe Purchase

We went into Chicago this weekend to watch the FA Cup final at the Globe Pub and then decided to check out a local run/swim/bike shop. I went in with the intention of possibly picking up another pair of the Kinvara 3, but I should know better than to shop while slightly intoxicated. And to further lower my shopping inhibitions, it was Cinco de Mayo and we were served free Modelo while we browsed. Long story short, instead of buying the Kinvaras, I decided to try a pair of Newtons out of curiosity and ended up buying the Newton Distance U:

Newton the cat with Newton the shoes

I took them out for a six mile run, but really am not able to give them (or the Kinvaras) a fair assessment yet as I have been dealing with some residual hamstring pain in my left leg from a failed trial of a pair of Brooks Glycerins (apparently my left foot hates all Brooks).

Since I am super busy with work and finals this week, I will have a few days to rest up the left leg and hopefully be able to try them both out again this weekend and will have a full report then.

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